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SERIES: "use me as your projection but don't make me a  freak"
SERIES:"spruced up" (group of pupils in the 1920th)
mugshot of a past future
INSTALLATION:"watch me work"
INSTALATION:"watching me working"


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data de nascimento 15.11.64


martin krammer www.martinkrammer.at studied architecture at the vienna university of technology and graduated in 94, since 94 he has worked as an artist and freelance industrial and furniture designer. today he mainly works in the field of sculpture and painting. since 99 also teaching architecture and furniture design at htl mödling (department for applied wood technology and environmental technology) exhibitions(selection), awards, educational stays: 89 wüstenrot design award ‘life with wood’ 90 wüstenrot design award ‘flexible furniture’ 90 exhibition: S-design salzburg 90 exhibition: designers saturday :“querdurch“, vienna 93 award at the internat. wood design competition ‘the column’ klagenfurt fair 95 nomination state award for creating craft (for parts of the office design collection) 96 2. price at the design award of ESTO, lights manufacturer 97 nomination for „the selection“ of the best furniture of austria 98 culture award of the state of niederösterreich for design 03 collaboration art project with robert resac and adam wiener - basis vienna 03 installation in public space „unentspannt" at industrieviertelfestival at schwechat [with robert resac] 03 group exhibition at pogmahon art club with the series „polystyrol kisses“ [with adam wiener and robert resac ],(neustiftgasse vienna) 04 exhibition at the wirr (burggasse,vienna,7) [wood objects] 05 exhibition „keine hunde“ at the borsodi-showroom vienna 1[with christian hart] 05 educational stay at the European art academy trier, germany, in the class of prof. tomas peter 06 exhibition „alfredo und alfonso“ at the kursalon mödling [with christian hart] 06 exhibition „alfredo und alfonso gehen 2 schritte vor sein haus“ gallery art and space mödling [with christian hart] 06 educational stay at the summer acadamy in salzburg class of prof. tone fink 06 exhibition at the romanic karner in mödling [wood skulptures, polystyrol objects] 06 performance with tone fink at the museum for applied art vienna 07 soloexhibition “dr. hummel sieht mich“; K12 gallery in bregenz 08 group exhibition „auf dem sockel“ artP, perchtoldsdorf 08 educational stay at the summer acadamy in salzburg class of Yi Chen (New York) 08 prize of the jury for the donation at „kunst für menschen in not“ [initiative don ferguson] 08 gallery outlet, class of li songsong & yi chen on feste hohensalzburg [präsentation with fanny jacquier] 08 „gallery untill the sister comes“ shopinstallation in mödling 09 at viennafair with gallery Lang ,Vienna 09 presentation of the installation “fragile buildings” in gallery time ,vienna 10 educational journey to India, Thailand and Singapore 10 soloexhibition „waldwiener“; gallery Lang,Vienna 10 „Indiastopandgo“groupexhibition „tapetenwechsel“ curated Ingrid Gaier 11 at viennafair with gallery Lang ,Vienna 11 groupexhibition”das hat alles irgendwie mit M.E zu tun” gallery Lang Vienna 11 “wald” at Raab gallery in Berlin, (groupexhibition) 11 “martin krammer, andrea schnell” exhibition at gallery kunstraumarcade in Mödling 12 at art karlsruhe with galllery Raab from Berlin 12 „wien:anpirschen“ piece for the sculpturepark am himmel, Vienna, kuratorium wald 12 at viennafair with gallery Lang ,Vienna 12 soloexhibition “supersägerau” gallery Lang,Vienna 12 “fragmente niederösterreich spezial“ ecolounge,Vienna (groupexhibition) 13 “film-märchen-werbung” JRGallery at Berlin (groupexhibition) 13 sculpture symposium , Valle Aurina, Alto Adige, Italy 13 presentation at viennafair with gallery Lang ,Vienna 13 presentation at ART.FAIR cologne with JRGallery , Berlin 13 soloexhibition “kinskikids” gallery Raab, Berlin 14 residency at the Muriwai Earthskin, Muriwai Beach, Auckland, New Zealand 14 „frechheit und das grosse fischmädchen“ gallery Krüger, Koblenz, Germany, (soloshow) 15 „camera umbra“ gallery bildrecht,Vienna, (soloshow) contact: weissenbach 57 2371 hinterbrühl austria europe tel: 0043/676/5277101 martinkrammer@inode.at www.martinkrammer.at

Descrição da obra

„SPRUCED UP“ 2015 My work often combines photography and sculpture . This new body of work called „SPRUCED UP“ has its source in photographs of groups of individuals in the early 2oth century. like in this case a group of schoolmates of grammar school in hinterbrühl the 1920thes. It shows how society is using the media to shape an image which is worth to represent the memory of people. unconsciously showing its attitude towards diversity and individuality. I focus on the time,the pose,the character and the projection, which leads me from a past to a present object. The spruce is a common tree,here in the so called Viennese Woods. I use it as symbol of time by mixing the structure of the growth rings to the portrait.As if they had constantly expanded the frozen time of the photographic moment. Taking portrait-pictures is not only about freezing time, it is also about freezing somebody in a pose he or she has mostly not chosen on their own. My intention is to connect with the characters melt the pose and the moment of the photo into a new object,a free standing bas- relief which nearly is flat as the picture,but slightly starting to embody itself behind the pose. Up to the final stage the characters are changing all the time and interact with my interventions,that are sometimes made with fine brushes and sometimes with chainsaw. The 4th image „Mugshot of a past future“ shows a single work. It is more literally dealing with the same issues as above, defining itself trough frames and directions in time and space. Martin Krammer

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